Appalachians-Cumberland Plateau Domain

The NEON Appalachians/Southern Plains Domain includes much of Kentucky, portions of southern Indiana and Ohio, West Virginia, and a large amount of eastern Tennessee. The NEON candidate core site is located in the Walker Branch Watershed at Oak Ridge, TN. Climate change is the NEON research priority for the region and the Oak Ridge site is representative of the climate in much of the domain. In addition to the watershed, the site includes considerable forested areas, including oak-dominated forest. The Appalachians/Southern Plains domain is also part of a nitrogen deposition research corridor that reaches from New England through Tennessee and into Alabama.

Domain: Appalachians-Cumberland Plateau (Domain #7)

Science Focus: Climate change.

Candidate Core Site Name: Walker Branch Watershed

Representativeness: The site offers a combination of Domain 7 climate and vegetation (oak dominated forest) relevant to NEON questions related to how climate, invasive species, land use, and N deposition interact as major drivers of forest ecosystems.

Location: Latitude: 35.964; Longitude: -84.280.

Existing Infrastructure: Research facilities, power access, and nearby housing.