NEON staff celebrate as four PODS full of sensor equipment are shipped off to Blandy, Disney, Jones and Jornada sites.

First Name Last Name Title Department Email Phone
Finance Finance 720.746.4844
Rita Abbo Executive Assistant Executive Office 720.330.1515
John Adler Airborne Sensor Operations Technician, Remote Sensing Science 720.330.1673
Andrea Anteau Interim Assistant Director of Field Operations Field Operations 720.746.4844
Ed Ayres Senior Staff Scientist, Soil Scientist Science 720.836.2402
Elena Azuaje Senior Science Technician, Spatial and Soil Ecology Science 720.746.4888
Tracey Baldwin Manager, Field Operations, Domain 10 - CO Field Operations 720.836.2462
James Barnes Field Construction Supervisor Civil Construction 317.989.8079
Dave Barnett Staff Scientist, Spatial and Plant Ecology Science 720.746.4858
Cris Baur Warehouse Supervisor Logistics 720.836.2472
Kat Bevington Science Educator Education and Public Engagement 720.330.1637
Ron Blattner Field Construction Supervisor Civil Construction 720.330.1503
Charles Bohall Aquatic Instrument Engineer, Hydrology Science 720.330.1551
Jessica Bolis Manager, Field Operations, Domain 17 - CA Field Operations 559.396.4110
David Borland Manager, Field Operations, Domain 08 - AL Field Operations 205.409.9024
Kurt Bruch Manager, AOP Laboratory Science 720.836.2481
Paul Busic Manager, Construction Civil Construction 720.470.9347
Hanne Buur Project Systems Engineer Project Management 720.836.2483
Cameron Chapman Airborne Sensor Operations Technician, Remote Sensing Science 720.746.4891
Rebecca Cheng Associate Scientist Education and Public Engagement 720.921.2624
Jeff Coleman Director, Facilities and Civil Construction Civil Construction 720.746.4914
Ian Crocker Airborne Sensor Operations Technician, Remote Sensing Science 720.746.4847
Janae Csavina Scientist, QA/QC, Calibration, Validation and Audit Laboratory Engineering 720.330.1526
Lawrence Davidson Project Engineer Production 720.330.1571
Jennifer DeNicholas Manager, Configuration Project Management 720.836.2489
Gail Dethloff Interim Assistant Director, Scientific Research Science 720.330.1630
Matt DeVoe Airborne Sensor Operations Technician, Remote Sensing Science 720.330.1625
Natchaya Durden Associate Scientist, Micrometeorology Science 720.836.2476
David Durden Associcate Scientist Science 720.330.1593
Josh Elliott Computer Programmer, Airborne Remote Sensing Science 720.921.2635
Sarah Elmendorf Staff Scientist Science 720.836.2496
Jennifer Everhart Senior Science Technician, Community Ecology Science 720.330.1520
Michael Fitzgerald Staff Scientist, Hydrology Science 720.836.2455
Cody Flagg Asscoicate Scientist Science 720.921.2659
Andy Fox Staff Scientist, Biogeochemistry Science 720.836.2492
Bill Gallery Senior Staff Scientist, Remote Sensing Algorithms Science 720.330.1523
Stephen Gilligan Field Construction Supervisor Civil Construction 941.743.4792
Frank Ginnie Field Construction Supervisor Civil Construction 720.330.1552
Liz Goehring Senior Educator - Programs Education and Public Engagement 720.330.1512
Leslie Goldman Multimedia/Graphics Designer Education and Public Engagement 720.746.4923
Keli Goodman Staff Scientist, Aquatic Biogeochemistry Science 720.746.4892
Katrine Gorham Manager, Field Operations, Domains 18 & 19 - AK Field Operations 303.349.2884
Tristan Goulden Associate Scientist, Airborne Platform Science 720.746.4907
Robert Goulding Community Relations Specialist Communication 720.920.2620
Wendy Gram Chief of Education and Public Engagement Education and Public Engagement 720.746.4935
Ty Guadagno Supervisor Flight Operations Science 720.836.2412
Sylvain Guegan Manager, Senior IT Information Technology 720.921.2633
John 'Woody' Haywood Manager, Field Installation Systems Integration and Verification 720.746.4844
Ted Hehn Staff Scientist Engineering 720.836.2406
Jerry Helton Manager, Logistics Logistics 720.330.1514
Sandra Henderson Program Director Education and Public Engagement 720.746.4916
Alison Hogeboom Science Technician Science 720.921.2637
David Huslander Staff Scientist Science 720.921.2665
Amy Jacobs Manager, Field Operations, Domain 15 - UT Field Operations 385.227.8980
Brandon Jensen Associate Scientist Science 720.330.1681
Katie Jones Associate Scientist Plant Ecology, Plant Ecology Science 720.746.4844
Aaron Joos Manager, Cal/Val Lab Engineering 720.836.2451
Lori Kadin-Benson Senior Advisor Internal Communications Communication 720.921.2651
Tom Kampe Director, Remote Sensing Science 720.836.2414
Abraham Karam Manager, Field Operations, Domain 14 - AZ Field Operations 520.999.3509
Kathy Kirby Deputy Project Manager Project Management 720.921.2627
Keith Krause Senior Staff Scientist, Remote Sensing Algorithms Science 720.836.2410
Rachel Krauss Field Validation Specialist, Insect Ecology Science 720.330.1508
Christine Laney Staff Scientist Science 720.921.2669
Russ Lea Chief Executive Officer Executive Office 720.746.4844
Nathan Leisso Staff Scientist, Remote Sensing Calibration Science 720.746.4855
Katie LeVan Staff Scientist Science 720.921.2675
Laura Leyba-Newton Director, Engineering Engineering 720.746.4844
Ty Lindberg Manager, Field Operations, Domain 2 - VA Field Operations 720.746.4844
Hank Loescher Program Developer, International Initiatives Executive Office 720.836.2404
C.J. Loria Observatory Director Executive Office 720.921.2642
Tim Lucera Manager, Safety Environmental Health and Safety 720.746.4918
Claire Lunch Staff Scientist, Plant Physiology Science 720.330.1510
Hongyan Luo Senior Staff Scientist, Micrometerology Science 720.836.2403
Javier Marti Project Manager Project Management 720.330.1580
Bill Martin Manager, Field Operations, Domain 7 - TN Field Operations 720.746.4844
Jalynda Mckay Science Technician Science 720.746.4901
Brandon McLaughlin Senior Science Technician Science 720.836.2440
Tim Meehan Staff Scientist Science 720.921.2646
Courtney Meier Staff Scientist, Plant Ecology Science 720.746.4899
Stefan Metzger Staff Scientist, Surface-Atmosphere Exchange Lead Science 720.836.2421
Maurizio Miccolis Manager, Systems Integration & Verification Systems Integration and Verification 720.330.1674
John Musinsky Staff Scientist, Biodiversity, Conservation, Airborne Flight Operations Science 720.330.1524
Bob Nelson Manager, Field Operations, Domain 3 - FL Field Operations 352.505.2001
Sarah Newman Program Manager, Citizen Science Education and Public Engagement 720.746.4919
Mary Nus Board Assistant Executive Office 720.746.4934
John Oppenheim Civil Engineer Civil Construction 720.330.1542
Stephanie Parker Staff Scientist, Aquatic Ecology Science 720.746.4890
Edwin Penniman Test Engineer II, Optomechanical Engineering Science 720.836.2419
Shelley Petroy Director, Data Products Science 720.330.1519
Paul Phenicie Field Construction Supervisor Facilities 317.697.5278
Bill Porter Field Construction Supervisor Civil Construction 720.746.4844
Lindsay Powers Associate Scientist Executive Office 720.836.4883
Tanya Raymond Systems Engineer II, Remote Sensing Science 720.746.4862
Human Resources Human Resources 720.746.4925
Angelo Reyes Manager, Manufacturing Production 720.746.4844
Cory Ritz Interim Director of Field Operations Field Operations 978.627.4006
Joshua Roberti Associate Scientist, FIU, Applied Meteorology Science 720.836.2461
Natalie Robinson Staff Scientist Science 720.330.1675
Michael Rodriguez Manager, RAMS Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Functional Safety (RAMS) 720.921.2601
Charlotte Roehm Assistant Director, Aquatic Sciences, Limnology Science 720.746.4866
Kirsten Ruiz Interim Deputy Observatory Director Operations 720.746.4844
Jill Ryan Director, Project Management CS Project Management
Mike SanClements Staff Scientist, Biogeochemistry Science 720.836.2499
Kendra Sand Web Content Editor Education and Public Engagement 720.330.1529
Matt Schroeder Manager, Field Opeations, Domain 16 - WA Field Operations
Nick Schroeter Assistant Manager, Field Opeations, Domains 10 & 13 - CO 720.330.1592
Edward Serafin Field Construction Supervisor Civil Construction
Melissa Slater Senior GIS Specialist Science 720.746.4894
Linda Slobodnik Manager, Field Operations, Domain 11 - TX Field Operations 720.726.4844
Derek Smith Associate Scientist, Ecosystem Ecology Science 720.330.1530
Oliver Smith Science Technician Science 720.330.1644
Jennifer Smith Manager, Field Operations, Domain 6 - KS Field Operations 406.207.2686
Stephanie Spetter Manager, Administrative Services II Human Resources 720.836.2424
Lee Stanish Staff Scientist Science 720.921.2657
Glenna Stewart Community Relations Specialist Communication 720.330.1588
Jenna Stewart Science Technician Science 720.330.1661
Mike Stewart Manager, Systems Engineering Project Management 720.746.4844
Bob Tawa Director, Computing Computing 720.746.4844
Jeff Taylor Assistant Director, Fundamental Instrument Unit Science 720.836.2420
Dave Tazik Interim Manager of Science Operations Science 720.746.4841
Kate Thibault Senior Staff Scientist, Small Mammal and Avian Ecology Science 720.746.4844
Chris Thompson Assistant Director, Facilities + Civil Const. Civil Construction 720.746.4885
Andrea Thorpe Interim Project Scientist Science 720.330.1525
Yamil Toro Manager, Field Operations, Domain 4 - Puerto Rico Field Operations 720.746.4844
Bobby Torres Field Construction Supervisor Civil Construction 720.746.4844
Jesse Vance Aquatic Instrument Engineer, Oceanography/Biogeochemistry Science 720.330.1642
Arika Virapongse Associate Scientist Executive Office 720.330.1669
Jennifer Walton Public Information Officer Communication 970.420.2590
Dennis Ward Instructional Designer Education and Public Engagement 720.746.4924
Leah Wasser Supervising Scientist Education and Public Engagement 720.746.4917
Brian Wee Chief of Strategic Alliances Executive Office 202.370.7891
Peter Weishampel Manager, Field Operations, Domain 05 - WI Field Operations 906.842.2110
Colin Williams Multimedia/Graphic Designer Education and Public Engagement 720.330.1671
Gregory Wirth Senior Staff Scientist Science 720.921.2653
Rommel Zulueta Staff Scientist Science 720.330.1628